Boxmoor Cricket Club - Senior Cricket Match Day Responsibilities

Before the match
Arrive on time as per the selection email/website
Opening up the pavilion and pavilion windows Setting up the electronic scoreboard, scoring tablet, FrogBox
Setting up the square ready to play (rope and stumps) Clearing the outfield of obstructions and litter
Putting out the boundary rope/markers Sweep and tidy the home and away changing rooms
Ensuring tables and chairs are set out in pavilion lounge Ensuring the kitchen is tidy
Set up sightscreens Empty the bins that are full
Set up outside seating Tidy and ready male and female toilets
After the match
Relax, have a drink with teammates and opposition, thank the umpire(s)
Clean and tidy the kitchen area ready for the next users Shut down the electronic scoreboard, scoring tablet, FrogBox
Bring in the boundary rope/markers Put the protective rope back around the square
Lock sightscreens at pavilion Bring outside seating back in
Empty the kitchen fridge of any perishables! Close the windows and lower the shutters
Lock the pavilion and set the alarm Move any black sacks into the wheelie bin