Boxmoor Cricket Club - Code of Conduct for Coaches

Code of Conduct for Coaches, Team Managers and Volunteers

This code of conduct applies to all Boxmoor Cricket Club Coaches, Team Managers, and other Volunteers who are officially appointed to a role on behalf of the club that involves working with young cricketers (under the age of 18).

If any active coach, team manager or other volunteer is seen not to abide by this code of contact, their actions will be reviewed by a disciplinary panel established by BCC and based on the findings appropriate action will be taken.


  • Display a consistently high standard of personal behaviour and appearance
  • Treat everyone equally and do not discriminate on the grounds of age, gender, religion, race, sexual orientation or disability
  • Place the wellbeing and safety of each player above all other considerations, including the development of performance
  • Ensure that the approach to matches is player-centric not results orientated
  • Adhere to all guidelines laid down by the ECB, HCL , BCC and the Coaches Association
  • Always promote the positive aspects of the game (eg. fair play) and never condone violations of the Laws of the Game, behaviour contrary to the spirt of the game or the use of prohibited substances or techniques
  • Ensure that all activities they direct or advocate are appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of the players
  • Develop a friendly but appropriate relationship with youth players, based on mutual trust and respect
  • Have a current enhanced DBS check through the ECB
  • Take full responsibility for any equipment (coaching, tablets or other equipment) belonging to BCC

    Additional requirements for coaches:

  • Coaches are required to hold current qualifications/certificate as follows:
    • Safeguarding & Protecting Children (valid within the last 3 years)
    • Emergency First Aid (valid within the last 3 years)
    • Enhanced ECB DBS Certificate (valid within the last 3 years)
    • Member of the England & Wales Cricket Board Coaches Association or possess the equivalent personal insurance cover for their coaching activities.


  • Follow all guidelines laid down by the ECB “Safe Hands” Welfare Policy and BCC Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy
  • Follow Hertfordshire Cricket Limited Privacy Policy / GDPR Guidelines. Never use any data collected by Hertfordshire Cricket Limited for personal or commercial use
  • Never exert undue influence over youth players to obtain personal benefit or reward
  • Never allow the use of prohibitive substances like drugs or smoking whilst young people are under your supervision
  • Endeavour to avoid any physical contact with the players if at all possible.
  • Never be isolated in an area alone with any child and always ensure you have another coach, volunteer, parent or responsible adult with you
  • The use of social networks (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc) to support Cricket activities is permitted but users must refrain from adding comments that are critical or negative. This guidance applies to teams, players or individuals involved with BCC Cricket with any breach leading to a formal disciplinary panel review. Users must also be aware of the profile of ‘followers’ on such social networks and therefore must act responsibly and appropriately when posting all messages on these sites, whether related directly to BCC activity or not
  • Ensure that written consent of the parent/guardian is obtained before taking still photographs that may be taken for promotional use, social media and/or video footage used for coaching analysis
  • Ensure that if there is any suggestion or concern about the physical or emotional wellbeing of any child, for whom they have a temporary duty of care, or any welfare incident occurs whilst exercising this duty of care, that this should be reported to Suzy Chalk (Club Safeguarding Officer) on 07872 634716 or Julie Page (County Safeguarding Officer) on 07741 272751 / as soon as possible and an incident report form completed detailing the factual evidence surrounding the incident.

Last Bi-Annual Review Conducted July 2022