Boxmoor Cricket Club - Code of Conduct for Coaches

Code of Conduct for Coaches

Boxmoor Cricket Club is committed to ensuring the safety of children within the club during organised cricket and practise sessions. Our cricket coaching staff adopt the following principles as recommended by Sports Coach UK :

 1) Coaches must respect and champion the rights of every individual to participate in cricket. 

 2) Coaches must develop a relationship with players and members based on openness, honesty, mutual trust and respect.

 3) Coaches must demonstrate proper personal behaviour and conduct at all times, displaying high standards of language, manner, presentation, preparation and punctuality
 4) To maximise benefits and minimise the risks to cricketers, coaches must attain a high level of competence through appropriate qualifications and a commitment to on-going training that ensures safe and correct practice. 

 1) At each session the coaching staff will ensure that each child is checked against a register on arrival and that their medical details are to hand.

 2) Coaches will be aware of the weather conditions and ensure that appropriate clothing e.g. headwear is worn and that cricketers have adequate access to water to prevent dehydration.
 3) The coaching staff will be fully inducted into the ECB risk assessment, injury / accident procedures and their responsibilities. Boxmoor Cricket Club encourages its coaches to join the ECB Coaches Association.
 4) The coaching staff will ensure that all activities will be carried out using the appropriate equipment, and that the safety of the participants is taken into account.
 5) Any incident involving junior cricketers at Boxmoor will be recorded in the Incident Book and details will be relayed to the child's parent or guardian at the earliest opportunity. 

Last Bi-Annual Review Conducted August 2018