Boxmoor Cricket Club - Policy for Transport


The English Cricket Board (ECB) has issued guidelines to all clubs regarding the transportation of junior players* to and from training and matches. The club is advised that it is the parents/guardians responsibility to transport their children to the venue, and only after arrival at a venue will the Coach/manager assume control. It is the responsibility of the parents and guardians of junior members to ensure that children are supervised both at the time of dropping off and taking home, i.e. when dropping off young children at the clubhouse or other location, it is essential to ensure that the particular event (match / practice) has not been cancelled and that adult supervision has arrived.
Parents are made aware that coaches/managers of teams will not act as a ‘taxi service’ and cannot be expected to have responsibility for your children in their cars.
If you are unable to transport your child to a game or practice please arrange an alternative method for your child’s transportation.
The coaches have been issued with guidance that under no circumstances will they drop children back to homes, it is unfair to put them in this position.
If you cannot stay to watch your child play/train you are expected to collect your child on time from the specified meeting point at the time given by the coach. If you are going to be late even by a few minutes it is only common courtesy that you ring the coach to tell him.
For Juniors playing in Senior matches parental consent is required whenever volunteers and other adult members transport a junior member. This will be by way of a written authority (ticking the box on the membership application form). Although volunteers may help in the arrangement of transport, neither they nor the club can be held liable for any accident that occurs during the journey. 

In relation to the transporting of junior members, volunteers and other adults should:

1. where practicable, try to avoid giving a lift to a single child;
2. ensure that vehicles are roadworthy and insured;
3. ensure that children wear seatbelts and where possible sit in a back seat

*refers to any person under the age of 18.

Bi-Annual Review Conducted August 2018