Boxmoor Cricket Club - Club Officials

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  • Meet the committee
  • Committee roles and officials
Executive Elected Non-Executive Elected
President Aidan Pimm Fixtures Secretary Peter Lockly
Chair Matt Larkins Team Secretary Gary Hampson
Secretary Bob Booth Junior Member Secretary Mark Vaughan
Treasurer Rachel Haffenden Media Manager Aaron Hinton
Head of Cricket Nick Cottrell Web Master Dan Webb
Head of Junior Cricket Stan Williamson Sponsorship Manager Dave Harley
Clubmark and GDPR Officer Phil Owen 100 Club Officer Rachel Dickinson
Pavilion Manager Keith Mannering Saturday 1st xi Captain Stan Harper
Social Secretary Vacant Saturday 2nd xi Captain Aaron Hinton
Club Safeguarding Officer Suzi Chalk Saturday 3rd xi Captain Lee Rance
Bar Manager Pip Ashburner Sunday 1st xi Captain Vacant
Parent Member Kelly Low Sunday 2nd xi (Blackbirds) Captain Dave Harley
Ground Manager Martin Cope

The management of the Club is entrusted to the Committee who are elected at the club’s Annual General Meeting, held soon after each season ends. The Club Constitution details how the Committee is formed and how it conducts the club’s business. Much of this activity is conducted by Sub Committees, who meet outside of the monthly full committee meetings, keeping separate minutes and reporting back to the full committee.


Sub Committees are: Finance; Cricket; Social; Facility

he Committee comprises of the following officers whose duties are outlined below:
Executive Members:

  • President, who shall preside over all Club meetings.
  • Chairman, who shall preside over meetings of the Club in the absence of the President.
  • Secretary,  who shall receive and transmit all correspondence, and summon all meetings.
  • Treasurer, who shall receive all moneys and pay all accounts on behalf of the Club. He/She shall submit an audited Balance Sheet to the AGM, or as required by the committee.
  • Head Of Cricket, who shall be responsible for adult cricket, and liaising between the cricket sub committee and the main club committee on cricket matters.
  • Head of Junior Cricket, who shall be responsible for all junior cricket.
  • Clubmark Officer, who shall be responsible for maintaining  Clubmark status for the club.
  • Pavilion Manager, who shall be responsible for maintaining the Pavilion in a good state of repair and managing longterm tenants.
  • Social Secretary, who shall arrange annual events and ad-hoc social / fundraising events.
  • Club Safeguarding Officer, who shall hold the necessary certification to ensure that BCC is in compliance with ECB’s Safe Hands policy
  • Bar Manager, who shall be responsible for stocking and staffing the bar, and arranging function hire enquiries
  • Parent Member, who shall be responsible for liaison between junior parents and the committee.
  • Ground Manager, who shall be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all playing surfaces. 
Non-Executive Members
  • Fixtures Secretary, who shall arrange all fixtures on behalf of the Club.
  • Team Secretary, who shall be responsible for a fair selection of each team and a contact point for all playing members.
  • Junior Membership Secretary, who shall be responsible for maintaining contact and details with Junior members and their parents
  • Media Manager, who shall maintain the profile of the club with the local media. .
  • Webmaster, who shall keep the club website structured correctly and up to date
  • Sponsorship Manager, who shall manage the process of finding and establishing sponsor relationships
  • 100 club Officer, who shall be responsible for the efficient running of the 100 club.
  • The Captain of each team who shall be responsible for selection of their team and completion of all activities required on match days.
Presidents and VPs

Aidan Pimm - 2021 - Present

Past Presidents
John Scott  2003 - 2020
Stan Gillon 1997 - 2003
Len Hopkins 1963 - 1997
R Huband  1939 - 1963
C Brice  1931 - 1939
E A Mictchel-Innes  1900-1931

Honorary Vice Presidents
Elanor Bloomfield Peter Lockey Lindsay Glover
        Rober Booth         Nick Harper  Chris Wright

Vice Presidents
Peter King Martin Luck Peter Crawshaw John Gorringe
John Lawton Tim Powell Frank Manfield Mike Thwaites
Gary Bennett    Andrew Dickinson David Bateman          Keith Mannering

Honorary Life Member
Barry McMahon