Boxmoor Cricket Club - Code of Conduct Drugs and Banned Substances

Code of Conduct Drugs and Banned Substances

The Executive Committee at Boxmoor Cricket Club values the fact that we are a family club which promotes the playing of cricket at all levels, and the right behaviour of its members on and off the pitch through our Club Mark status and its own Code of Conduct.

Boxmoor Cricket Club has a zero tolerance policy on drugs and banned substances in and around the pavilion. Anyone who is found in possession of a banned substance, or is witnessed consuming a banned substance, will be subject to disciplinary action. Members are reminded that any instances should be reported to a member of the Committee, and that they are also responsible for the actions of their guests, whilst present at the Club, who must also follow the club’s Code of Conduct.

Any member reported in breach of the above regulations, will be banned for a minimum period of 18 months. After this period, future membership of the Club will need to be applied for, and will be at the discretion of the Committee or delegated sub- committee.

Last Bi-Annual Review Conducted January 2020