Boxmoor Cricket Club - AGM Minutes 2020

AGM – December 18th 2020




Quite a few.

  1. Chairperson’s Election and Welcome

    Matt Larkins was elected unopposed as Chairman of Boxmoor Cricket club

    Matt thanked all for attending and noted the rather unusual circumstances during 2020 that had necessitated an on-line AGM. In particular, to Dan Web who provided some excellent backgrounds from his Zoom licence and expertise.

  2. Apologies for absence

    John Scott, Suzy Chalk

  3. Approval of 2019 AGM Minutes

    These had been available on the Boxmoor CC website for 11 months and were approved.

  4. Chair’s Review of the Season

    These had been published on the website and no questions had been raised.

  5. Annual Cricket Committee Reports

    5.1 Head of Cricket: Keith McKay

    These had been published on the website and no questions had been raised.

    5.2 Junior Cricket: Nick Harper

    These had been published on the website and no questions had been raised.

  6. Financial Report

     6.1 Financial report

    This had been published on the website and no questions had been raised.

    Rachel explained that we had created cashflow forecasts that indicated we were in a good position and could survive with no cricket income for the next 2 years. However, this was only due to a one-off grant from DBC of £10k and the generosity members who had made donations to the club.

    GVH had suspended their use of the pavilion and therefore their regular payments. This was because their governing body had provided rules that made it impossible to continue with indoor facilities. Matt has been in touch with their Chair and he hoped to come back to Boxmoor when Covid-19 restrictions were lifted.

    Sponsorship, December 19 had not been asked to contribute as their income had been severely impacted by Covid-19. Other sponsors were in the same situation. One of the key tasks for the incoming Committee is to try and fill the many holes left by our ex-sponsors.

    6.2 Approval of Auditor

    The Accounts were approved by Peter Crawshaw FCCA.

  7. Election of Officials

    Where nominations were seconded and put forward unopposed, these were accepted. 

    There were 2 candidates for the 2nd Team Captain and e-mail votes had been made prior to the meeting. The result was that Anum Hamdani was elected to the role.

    Vacant roles will be discussed at the next Committee Meeting. Any members interested in vacant roles to advise the Secretary.

    Vice Presidents, Honorary Vice Presidents and Life Presidents were elected on-bloc.    


  8. A.O.B.

8.1 Vacant roles

Dan Webb offered his services to the club. The roles making best use of Dan’s skills and undoubted ability to be discussed at the first Committee Meeting.

8.2 Sponsorship

Matt Smally-Harris requested a list of things Sponsors can provide to assist him in “selling” Boxmoor CC to potential sponsors. To be discussed by the incoming Committee.

Should we continue to use Romida or look for alternative cricket suppliers, e.g., Select. To be discussed by the incoming Committee.      

The meeting closed at 21:00

Committee Positions for 2020/21





Vice Presidents

See Fixture Card


Matt Larkins


Bob Booth


Rachel Mannering

Head of Cricket

Nick Cottrell

Head of Junior Cricket

Nick Harper

Clubmark and GDPR Officer

Phil Owen

Pavilion Manager


Social Secretary

Nick Cottrell

Child Welfare Officer

Suzy Chalk

Bar Manager


Parent member

Kelly Low

Ground Manager

Martin Cope



Fixture Secretary


Team Secretary

Stan Harper

Junior Membership Secretary

Will Allen

Assistant Treasurer


Media Manager


Web Master


Sponsorship Manager

Matt Smalley-Harris

100 Club Officer

Rachel Dickinson

Saturday 1st Captain

Sam Pimm

Saturday 2nd Captain

Anum Hamdani

Saturday 3rd Captain

Lee Rance

Sunday 1st Captain


Sunday Blackbirds Manager

David Harley