Boxmoor Cricket Club - 2020 AGM

This has been an interesting year for cricket, but we still need to hold our AGM for the key tasks of agreeing the Accounts and appointing the Committee. For this year's AGM we intend holding a virtual meeting, details to be advised later. But whilst this year's AGM will be different, we are providing as much information as possible prior to the meeting to allow it to be productive.

1. Annual Reporting

The following have all been loaded onto the Boxmoor CC website. 
These are normally provided at the AGM. But for this year's AGM we are giving you all the opportunity to examine these documents and raise any questions prior to the meeting. These will  be added to the Agenda and answered at the meeting. Can you provide the Secretary with all questions by 4th December. It will not be possible to raise questions at the meeting. 

2. Nomination and Election for Club Officials  

At the bottom of this note are the officials who are prepared to carry on their duties next season, plus nominations already received. It also lists the numerous vacancies. If you are interested in any role, currently occupied or Vacant, please advise the Secretary via e-mail by 4th December, with the person who will nominate you. If there is more than 1 person for each role, this will be carried forward to the first Committee Meeting for resolution.

Honorary Positions will be elected en-bloc. New nominations can be made by e-mail prior to the meeting by 4th December and will be considered at the first Committee Meeting.

Please note, Matt will not be providing the Bar Manager role next season. No Bar Manager, no bar !!

Please note, we need questions and nominations to the Secretary by 4th December.

Bob Booth
Hon. Secretary


Nominations Received



Vice Presidents

See Fixture Card


Matt Larkins


Bob Booth


Rachel Mannering

Head of Cricket


Head of Junior Cricket

Nick Harper

Clubmark and GDPR Officer

Phil Owen

Pavilion Manager


Social Secretary

Nick Cottrell

Child Welfare Officer

Suzy Chalk

Bar Manager


Parent member


Ground Manager

Martin Cope


Nominations Received

Fixture Secretary


Team Secretary


Junior Membership Secretary

Will Allen

Assistant Treasurer


Media Manager


Web Master


Sponsorship Manager

Matt Smalley-Harris

100 Club Officer

Rachel Dickinson

Saturday 1st Captain


Saturday 2nd Captain


Saturday 3rd Captain

Lee Rance

Sunday 1st Captain


Sunday Blackbirds Manager

David Harley