Boxmoor Cricket Club - Membership and Match Fees

Membership and Match Fees

As agreed at the 2018 AGM

 1. Registration of Membership
To play cricket at Boxmoor, cricketers must be members of the relevant organisations. All cricketers, Adult and Junior need to be members of Boxmoor Cricket Club and everyone playing in the Saracens League needs to be registered with the League.

At the beginning of each year Boxmoor CC will hold registration evening to register players and to confirm Membership Subscription. Each adult and junior cricketer, or their parent or guardian will accept Boxmoor CC’s Privacy Policy to comply with GDPR. All personal data collected will comply with the security requirements of GDPR and will be held for cricketing purposes only.

2. Adult Membership Rates
2.1: £264 pa, paid by 12 Standing Order instalments of £22 pm. This starts on 1st October and no Match Fees are payable. Players joining after 1st October must play the relevant arrears or adopt an alternative option. 
2.2: £100 pa, payable by 1st June, or after 5 matches have been played. Match Fees are also payable. This can be paid by Direct Debit of £20 pm starting on 1st April.
2.3: New members joining after 1st July are liable for 50% of Membership Fees, i.e. £50 for the initial year, £100 thereafter. Full Match Fees will be paid.
2.4: Concessions, there is a 50% reduction on membership rates for cricketers with a Dacorum Card and for students. (over 18 and in full time education).

3. Social Membership Rate
Social Membership is £15 pa. This entitles the member to 1 share in the 100 club and benefits as defined in Section 4 of the constitution.

4. Junior Membership Rates
Junior Membership includes all match fees and training sessions. All families will need to take out Social Membership for the parent or guardian. This is not paid if the parent or guardian is an adult member and already has 100 club membership.

4.1: First Child: £75 pa due on 1st January for all under the age of 18 on 1st September in the relevant year.  Any Second and Subsequent Child:  £65 pa.
4.2: Concessions – this applies to the match fee and training element only. Social Membership is still required.
4.2.1: There is a 50% reduction for parents or guardians with a Dacorum Card.
4.2.2: Parents or guardians of new Juniors joining after 1st June pay 50%, joining after 1st July, there is a 100% discount.
4.2.3: Children of ECB Qualified Coaches who are active in coaching at Boxmoor get a 100% reduction.
4.2.4: Junior cricketers who no longer have an age group team, pay Student Membership of £50pa, plus concession rate adult match fee.

5. Adult Match Fees
5.1: There are no match fees for members paying £22 pm.
5.2: £12 per match, including teas. Second game in the same weekend is charged at £6 per match.
5.3: Concessions receive a 50% reduction, i.e. £6 per match and £3 for a second match in the same weekend.
5.4: When Juniors play in a Senior game, their match fee is charged at the concession rate.

6. Non Payment of Fees
Any member of the club who is in arrears by 2 monthly payments or 2 match fees, will not be eligible for selection to play cricket. This will only be lifted once the arrears have been paid or dispensation by the Cricket Sub-Committee.