Boxmoor Cricket Club - 100 Club

Boxmoor CC 100 Club

  • Membership of the 100 Club ensures an entry into the monthly prize draw, and with double prizes at Christmas, there is every opportunity of winning one's money back. Members can take the opportunity of purchasing additional shares in the draw, by a one-off payment, or by standing order.
  • Remember there is no limit to the number of shares you can buy and all 100 Club members receive Social Member status allowing use of the pavilion and all the facilities at the club.
In simple terms, this is how the 100 Club works:

Each month 4 prizes are to be won: from June 2014 
  • 1st Prize - £50
  • 2nd Prize - £30
  • 3rd Prize - £25
  • 4th Prize - £15
  • 5th Prize £10 

AND at the end of each year there is a bumper draw - there are 5 prizes - £100, £80, £60, £40 and £20

These are the minimum prizes, the amounts are dependant on the level of 100 Club membership.

To join the 100 club you have to purchase a share, and have 2 options:
  • Option 1 - A Standing Order of £4 a month buys 5 shares for a year.
  • Option 2 - A payment of £15 buys 1 share for the year.
To join or for further questions please contact Rachel Dickinson.